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#11 | Fritz Heller – Ruffed Grouse Hunting with Flushers – Project Upland Podcast

#11 | Fritz Heller – Ruffed Grouse Hunting with Flushers – Project Upland Podcast

Fritz Heller on a successful grouse hunt.

On this week’s episode of the show we are joined by Fritz Heller, Michigan resident and ruffed grouse enthusiast.

Fritz recently published an article on, which was the focal point of our conversation, titled The Art Of Ruffed Grouse Hunting With Flushing Dogs.

Fritz is an active member of the Ruffed Grouse Society, and has been hunting over flushing dogs for grouse since 1999 with fantastic success. He owns four Labrador retrievers and an American cocker spaniel. We talk about all the usual including, birds, dogs, habitat and technique. We also talk about the importance of conservation and paying it forward, in addition to the incredible access to public land we are both so fortunate to hunt. Enjoy the show!

For more on grouse hunting with flushing dogs, here’s a preview of the article:

“The pace of your hunt, generally speaking, is going to increase with flushers rather than with pointers. It’s important, therefore, to stay in shape and know how to walk through the woods. Feel your way around cover. Look for lanes within the woods that are slightly more open and allow you to move more easily. Pay attention to the direction birds are heading when you flush them, scribbling out mental notes for next time.

When it all comes together, you can enjoy some really fine days afield. Your dog will bust the heavy cover, pushing birds your way. Meanwhile, the bird will be more concerned with avoiding the dog rather than the gunner walking into a point. Consider a flushing dog for your next grouse dog. You might be surprised at the productivity and enjoyment they can bring.”

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