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#31 | Hunting Grouse and Woodcock in New Brunswick, Canada – Project Upland Podcast

#31 | Hunting Grouse and Woodcock in New Brunswick, Canada – Project Upland Podcast

Grouse and woodcock guide, Jason Curtis of New Brunswick, Canada

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I was joined by Jason Curtis, a grouse and woodcock hunting guide from the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Jason has spent a lifetime in the grouse and woodcock covers of the far north along the Miramichi River.

During the spring and summer Jason is a fishing guide. Yet when the seasons change in the north, so do the opportunities. While Jason continues to guide fishing trips on the Miramichi River into the fall, he also begins running his Brittanies through the surrounding bird cover.

During our conversation, we talk about Jason’s introduction to hunting and fishing. He explains how he became interested in hunting grouse and woodcock as well as training and running bird dogs. Jason’s love for his home country, the wild places and the wildlife which inhabits it is punctuated by the fact he has made a career out of it. He has a deep appreciation for the time he spends in the outdoors and revels in sharing that time and those experiences with others.

Our conversation also delves into specifics on bird covers and habitat. Jason hunts the typical second growth aspen covers which are the signature of Northwoods grouse and woodcock hunting. But he is also afforded the opportunity of hunting abandoned farm covers, bordered by aging stone walls and tangled with alder and hawthorn, something which is as historic and romantic as it sounds! Whether it’s scouting new covers with drones, writing articles for Pointing Dog Journal  and even a little salmon fishing mixed in, we cover it all!

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