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#110 | Flushing Grouse with Fritz and Ric Heller – Project Upland Podcast

#110 | Flushing Grouse with Fritz and Ric Heller – Project Upland Podcast

Fritz and Ric Heller hunting ruffed grouse

A conversation about finding, pursuing and flushing grouse with Labrador retrievers with brothers and Michigan natives Fritz and Ric Heller.

The first thing we’re looking for is stem density and that’s not always one species of tree. The more diverse a cover is with the proper stem density, the further ahead we are.

Fritz Heller

Brothers Fritz and Ric Heller are two of the most focused and determined ruffed grouse hunters I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. The boots on the ground time between the two, combined with their continual analysis of cover, observation about bird behavior and downright enthusiasm they hold for this pursuit are contagious, at least for a ruffed grouse nut like myself.

Accompanied in the woods by their Labrador retrievers, they hunt with strategy and with purpose. Finding appropriate habitat type, breaking down cover and isolating the edges along with stories of old dogs, new dogs and much more all contribute to an entertaining and informative conversation about upland bird hunting. 

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast for an in-depth conversation on finding, pursuing and flushing grouse in the upper great lakes states.

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“ is all about our love for Northern Michigan (and other states) grouse hunting and everything it has to offer. This is a place to celebrate and support the times and memories that mean the most to us and hope that you will enjoy the ride right alongside!”

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  • Dave S
    Great listening to a couple of lab guys. My 9 week old lab pup was sleeping at my feet the whole time, I looked down at him and said Mack that’ll be us.

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