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#112 | Introducing the Final Rise Strap Vest with Matt Davis – Project Upland Podcast

#112 | Introducing the Final Rise Strap Vest with Matt Davis – Project Upland Podcast

Matt Davis, founder of Final Rise, on a bird hunt.

Matt Davis of Final Rise joins the show to talk about the launch of his company and the release of the Final Rise Strap Vest system.

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The story of the Final Rise Strap Vest is a simple one. Founder Matt Davis, grew up a bird hunter and in the midst of enabling his youthful enthusiasm, his mother also taught him how to use a sewing machine… properly! As a result, the story of Final Rise began at the unique crossroads of these two complementary skill sets and passions.

Matt shares with us his intro to hunting and outdoor pursuits along with his journey into the world of upland hunting and bird dogs. Eventually his gear junkie mentality and his adeptness on the sewing machine led him to experimenting with designing his ideal upland hunting vest. Today that vest is the Final Rise Strap Vest system and while the story of Final Rise has only just begun, it’s captured the attention of upland hunters far and wide.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast for an in-depth conversation on the story and development behind the Final Rise Strap Vest system.

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About | Final Rise
“FINAL RISE™ is a small American made business dedicated to the passionate uplanders all across the world. From the Western Deserts of Nevada and Utah chasing Chukar, to the Grouse woods of Wisconsin and the flats of Kansas for Roosters, our gear is designed to deliver performance, function and comfort. Period. All function. No fluff.”

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