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#19 | ShotKam – Emily Stewart – Project Upland Podcast

#19 | ShotKam – Emily Stewart – Project Upland Podcast

Emily Stewart shooting at a skeet range

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Emily Stewart, Director of Sales and Marketing at ShotKam joins the show to talk about an innovative new gadget in the shotgunning and shooting world.

Our conversation with Emily takes us from upland hunting and sporting clays to innovating and developing Shotkam in the shotgun industry.

The ShotKam is described as “the world’s most powerful shotgun camera.” It does not disappoint. The ShotKam is a tool that is both useful and entertaining to use in the field and on the range. The ShotKam captures your most epic hits and misses, allowing you to relive your successes and learn from your mistakes. We cover the ShotKam in depth on the show including the technology behind it as well as applications for the unit.

To learn more about ShotKam, visit their website: HERE

From ShotKam: “What is more frustrating than when you miss a bird and don’t know why? We believe that shooting is a sport that requires extreme alignment between mind and body. The biggest culprit for unchanging scores is a false perception of why you missed. For years, no technology could help you overcome these obstacles … until ShotKam. ShotKam captures the reality of the shot to give the objective feedback you need in order to make an adjustment. As shooters ourselves, we know what it takes to get to the next level. The way we challenge the game is by making a tool that is simple to use, beautifully designed and worth its weight in gold.”

Bird Dogs for Habitat

Use promo code “ProjectUpland” at ShotKam to save $75 on your purchase!

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