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#72 | Building A Grouse Dog with Craig Doherty of Wild Apple Kennel – Project Upland Podcast

#72 | Building A Grouse Dog with Craig Doherty of Wild Apple Kennel – Project Upland Podcast

Craig Doherty training one of his grouse dogs.

“We always have an eye on the end game which is to have a grouse dog that wants to be with you, listens and complies when given a command, and attacks the cover with gusto in search of birds.” | Craig Doherty – Wild Apple Kennel

In his latest book Building A Grouse Dog, Craig Doherty walks the reader through the process from picking a puppy to hunting over a polished grouse dog. The progression of development during which a puppy transforms into a finished grouse dog is a detailed and lengthy one. Craig distills the process as well as anyone in the book and has put forth a template that should serve as a resource for anyone interested in training and developing pointing dogs for ruffed grouse hunting.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Craig shares with us his knowledge of grouse dogs, his training methodologies and his passion for all of it — along with much more.

To Purchase The Book | Building A Grouse Dog
Building a Grouse Dog is a new book written by Craig Doherty of Wild Apple Kennel.  It describes his approach to starting with a puppy in the whelping box and taking it to a finished upland hunting dog.  The book is published by Wilderness Adventure Press.”

About | Wild Apple Kennel

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  • This was one, very informative podcast. I immediately ordered the book after hanging on to every word for an hour. I probably need to listen to it twice. Great job, guys! I can’t wait to use some of the techniques while hunting wild blue grouse and chukar in Colorado this fall.

    • Appreciate the feedback and thank you for buying Craig’s book! Like you, I learned a lot from reading the book and speaking with Craig, it’s great to hear that others found value in it as well.

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