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Modern Wild and Project Upland on the Natural Born Hunter Podcast

Modern Wild and Project Upland on the Natural Born Hunter Podcast

Aaron Regier of Modern Wild our hunting woodcock.

Aaron Reiger of Modern Wild and A.J. DeRosa of Project Upland on the Natural Born Hunter Show turning into a Bird Hunting Podcast night.

Aaron Reiger and A.J. DeRosa joined Will Bradley of Natural Born Hunter to talk upland hunting, clothing lines, new films, and a whole lot more. Hear behind-the-scenes content on the making of the Modern Wild, a Project Upland Film. This exclusive interview includes two major announcements. The forthcoming Project Upland apparel line by Modern Wild includes hats, t-shirts, hoodies, patches, stickers, and much more.

It also includes the first talk of the highly anticipated Project Upland series, Gun Dog Confidential. This series is a mix of novice and expert content all about gun dogs, including articles, high quality “how-to” video shorts, and Project Upland Films. This (quite) literal confidential look seeks to streamline novice learning, alternative methods, and everything gun dog related with the Project Upland touch.

Natural Born Hunter host Will Bradley made an appearance in the critically acclaimed Project upland Short Film, Partridge Country. His show has hosted names as big as Jim Shockey, maven Optics, and others.

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  • Podcast was great! We as upland hunters are sooo fortunate to have The Modern Wild and Project Upland at the forefront of our spectacular sport. Things such as tradition, conservation, culture, history, etc…are all being incorporated into these “Project Upland” films. I am looking forward to seeing every single one and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • This whole podcast was great. It’s cool that it is the very first for the Project Upland series. But definitely the best part is about half way in with the discussion on the flow state. It isn’t unique to hunting, but it is one of the truly unique experiences in hunting. I think it comes from an increased adrenaline level. In grouse hunting that level is sustained over a long period (the whole time you’re hunting) because the explosion that is a grouse flush is unpredictable and can happen at any time. Your sensitivity to your surroundings increases to the point that you become part of all that is around you and no longer are you separate from nature. Therein lies the magic.

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