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#68 | Western Montana Sharptails with Ben Deeble of Big Sky Upland Bird Association

#68 | Western Montana Sharptails with Ben Deeble of Big Sky Upland Bird Association

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The sharp tailed grouse once inhabited the mountain valley ranges of western Montana. Today it does not, but that could change in the near future.

Thanks to recent forensic findings, the reintroduction of sharp-tailed grouse to western Montana has become a much more realistic possibility, and Ben Deeble, of the Big Sky Upland Bird Association joins the Project Upland Podcast to tell the story.

Ben Deeble wrote his thesis paper on Montana sharptails back in the 90’s and his passion for the birds has been growing ever since. Recent findings about the subspecies of sharp-tailed grouse that previously inhabited western Montana have debunked previous theories making a reintroduction much more likely. Ben shares with us the history of western Montana sharptails as well as their potential future. 

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  • There is a hunting season on columbian sharptail grouse in colorado. Sept 1-15. Its only in north west colorado. Its only in 9 units. Limits are 2, 4 possession. Best tasting bird I have ever hunted. My wife, myself and our two gsps will be taking advantage of sharptail season. Plains sharptails are listed as endangered. The dogs point lots of plains sharptails in big crp fields when pheasant hunting. Colorado also still has a season on sage grouse.

  • Enjoyed this podcast very much, it gives me much hope that people like Ben Deeble are out there working on issues with our game bird populations,,, hats off …..a.lovely interview !!

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