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#92 | Pheasants Forever and CZ-USA Shotguns with Matt Hardinge and Zach Hein – Project Upland Podcast

#92 | Pheasants Forever and CZ-USA Shotguns with Matt Hardinge and Zach Hein – Project Upland Podcast

Matt Hardinge and Zach Hein at Pheasant Fest

Talking Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever and CZ-USA shotguns with Matt Hardinge and Zach Hein.

Fresh off our trip to Pheasant Fest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the next couple episodes of the Project Upland Podcast will feature conversation that occurred during our time there. On this episode we talk with Matt Hardinge of Pheasants Forever as well as Zach Hein of CZ-USA.

As the western rep for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, Matt Hardinge covers a large territory coordinating PF/QF events and fundraising alongside his chapters. Matt hunts upland birds as much as he can during the season, the bulk of which takes place in the West and includes chukar, quail, grouse and ring-necked pheasants.

As the marketing and communications manager for CZ-USA, Zach Hein wears many hats. Zach shares plenty of background and information on CZ shotguns as well as recaps a number of his hunts this past season.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn more about CZ-USA shotguns, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever along with some upland hunting conversation.

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  • As always, any podcast about the shotguns we use intrigues new. I’m curious if you could get, or have already had, a guest to speak about gunsmithing options. For example, and this is perhaps the wrong approach, I have an old Stevens 5100 20 ga. side by side with 28 inch barrels that patterns low and to the left from the right barrel. I believe the chokes are modified and full from what I’ve learned, but there are no marks to distinguish this on the barrels. If the chokes were opened up could the pattern be brought back to center? How cost prohibitive would this be? I apologize if this is an inappropriate approach, but I hear so much about the high dollar guns, and would like to know more about the economy brands. Thank you for your consideration, and as always keep up the good work. Scott Bolster.

    • Hi Scott! Thanks for listening and for the question! Off the top of my head, I don’t know that our conversations on the podcast have ever covered exactly what you’re inquiring about. That said, I have to at least point you in the direction of our interviews with Del Whitman (Episodes #17 and 75). Because you have such a specific question I think talking to someone like Del would be in your best interest. I’ll certainly keep this in mind when it comes to future guest bookings.

      • Thanks for your response, I will indeed listen to the Del Whitman podcasts. I appreciate all you are doing to keep our beloved passion alive, and I admire your continuing efforts to do such.

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