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#71 | Upland Bird Habitat with Kevin Sheppard of American Bird Conservancy

Forester, conservationist, and upland hunter, Kevin Sheppard of the American Bird Conservancy lives and breathes a conservation lifestyle.

While many of us upland hunters are conservation-minded and do our best to appreciate what is necessary to sustain habitat and wildlife, there are those who take it a step further. Kevin Sheppard, Golden-winged Warbler Private Lands Coordinator for the American Bird Conservancy, is a conservationist by trade and at heart. He has a love for all things wild, especially the bird species which inhabit our vast and unique landscape.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Kevin shares with us his knowledge of the forests he works to improve. He shares his passion for birds and his enthusiasm for the hunt.

About | American Bird Conservancy
“American Bird Conservancy is the Western Hemisphere’s bird conservation specialist — the only organization with a single and steadfast commitment to achieving conservation results for birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.”

ABC Staff | Kevin Sheppard

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Last modified: August 1, 2019

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