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#64 | Fighting for the Bobwhite Quail with Ron Kendall – Project Upland Podcast

#64 | Fighting for the Bobwhite Quail with Ron Kendall – Project Upland Podcast

Ron Kendall and the QuailSafe quail feeder

Ron Kendall Jr. of QuailSafe shares his experience with the bobwhite quail and brings us up to speed on what we know about this threat and what individuals and organizations are doing about it.

How could a native bird so adept at survival fall into peril so quickly? Wild fluctuations and severe drops in overall population have plagued the wild bobwhite quail for decades. In fact, according to the National Audubon Society, wild bobwhite quail are declining faster than any other bird in the United States. Today we examine a potential threat to this beloved species.

As far as we know today, bobwhite quail populations appear to be impacted by parasite infection, namely the eyeworm and the cecal worm. Nasty little buggers. Ron Kendall shares with us his knowledge of these parasites and how they impact the quail. His father, Ron Kendall Sr., is an environmental toxicology professor and founder of the Wildlife Toxicology Laboratory at Texas Tech University. Together they are fighting to save the bobwhite quail in whatever ways they can. That fight is depicted in The Bobwhite Film

About | The Bobwhite Film
“The Bobwhite” film shares the mission of a West Texas family focused on wildlife conservation and management. Follow the Kendall family through the tribulations of creating real world applications from scientific research.

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  • As a subscriber, I am very disappointed to see this information distributed, reminds me of the “fake news” problem this country is experiencing. Sounds like Kendall is still trying to make $$$ selling his theory and convincing those that don’t know any better to buy what he is selling. It won’t fix the problem. The issue lies in habitat. Habitat is where landowners should spend $$$, not on some promotional product like medicated feed. Ask for proven results. I can give you many success stories on habitat improvements growing more quail. There is NOT any evidence that some magic feed exists to restore quail populations. I have cancelled my subscriptions to other publications that have fallen victim to this same effort to sell questionable product. Come on Project Upland, get ALL the facts!

    • JD,
      Your mindset is one that can be detrimental to scientific progression. He never said habitat is not an important piece to the puzzle. But why would you not look into other methods, especially when it is this cost effective compared to habitat work? I would challenge you sir to please get ALL the facts as parasite treatment IS showing dramatic results in bird populations. Thank you Project Upland for distributing these important stories.

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