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#63 | Shotshell Technology and Development with Federal Ammunition – Project Upland Podcast

#63 | Shotshell Technology and Development with Federal Ammunition – Project Upland Podcast

A stack of federal shotgun shells.

We explore the world of shot shell technology and more with Federal Ammunition on this episode of the Project Upland Podcast.

Do you know how gauge, velocity and shot size affect your shotgun’s patterning efficiency? What about how manufacturers test for pattern efficiency and develop new shotshell loads?

Joined by Ryan Bronson (director of conservation and public policy), Dan Compton (product line manager) and Adam Moser (product development engineer) we discuss the history of Federal Ammunition before diving deep on current shotshell trends and product availability. We talk patterning, shot size, gauge, velocity and much more. We also discuss how Federal Ammunition tests and develops new products in addition to informing the listener on what to look for when patterning and testing their own shotguns.

About | Federal Ammunition
“Technology is the lifeblood of Federal® Ammunition, and it’s been pumping through our veins since 1922. That’s when our founding president, Charles L. Horn, started a culture of innovation that has guided everything we’ve done for nearly a century, turning a company that began humbly in Anoka, Minn., into one of the world’s largest producers of sporting ammunition.

“It’s led to the development of thousands of specialized, high-quality shotshell, centerfire and rimfire loads for hunters and shooters. It’s instilled manufacturing and quality control processes that have made our ammunition the most trusted in the industry. Every day we manufacture products to enhance our customers’ shooting experiences and provide an ideal choice for any pursuit. It’s what makes us the most complete ammunition company in the business.

“Today, we carry on Horn’s vision for quality products and service with the next generation of shooters. With our CEO Chris Metz at the helm, we maintain our position as experts in the science of ammunition production.”

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  • An interesting listen. I’ll throw out my vote for the perfect grouse and woodcock load, in case someone at federal might see this. A non-toxic shot with a bio-degradable hull and wad. Preferably with a heavier shot than steel. For example a tungsten or bismuth shot in a paper hull with a fiber wad. I don’t know of any grouse and woodcock shells like that on the market today, but I wish there was, I’d buy it, especially if someone could produce it at or under a buck a round. There’s a challenge for ya!

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