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#60 | From Kansas to Montana to MeatEater with Morgan Mason – Project Upland Podcast

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From quail and pheasant in Kansas, all the way to chukar and Hungarian partridge in Montana, Morgan Mason walks us through his journey to becoming an upland bird hunter and an associate editor at MeatEater, Inc. From the GSPs of his younger days to his now 1-year-old wirehaired pointing griffon, Morgan shares with us the trials and tribulations of finding his way into the bird dog world and developing a bird dog of his own.

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“MeatEater, Inc. is an outdoor lifestyle company founded by renowned writer and TV personality Steven Rinella. Host of the Netflix show MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast, Rinella has gained wide popularity with hunters and non-hunters alike through his passion for outdoor adventure and wild foods, as well as his strong commitment to conservation. Founded with the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, MeatEater, Inc. brings together leading influencers in the outdoor space to create premium content experiences and unique apparel and equipment.”

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Last modified: September 28, 2019

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#60 | From Kansas to Montana to MeatEater with Morgan Mason – Project Upland Podcast

  1. Pat Blaskowski says:

    Enjoyed the podcast over lunch today. The Draht’s are worth the money! 🙂 My first and only bird dog so far. Love the Griffon as well hope to hunt with one someday. Hoping to hunt both Kansas and MT again this fall…still looking for my first hun and chukar…checked the quail box in Kansas last year. Had my Draht on one bloodtrail last fall here in Wi as well-great podcast

    1. Nick Larson says:

      Thanks for listening and for your feedback Pat, we appreciate it! Great conversation with Morgan, we’re glad you enjoyed it!

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