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#53 | Audubon and Upland Hunting with Ashley Peters – Project Upland Podcast

#53 | Audubon and Upland Hunting with Ashley Peters – Project Upland Podcast

Ashley Peter pheasant hunting with a Gordon Setter
Ashley Peters of Audubon Minnesota

Iowa, Alaska, Louisiana and Minnesota: what do they all have in common? They’re all part of part of Ashley Peters’ journey into becoming an upland bird hunter.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, we explore the upland hunting story of Ashley Peters, communications manager for Audubon Minnesota.

Want to learn more about about Audubon Minnesota and the role they play in conservation for wild birds? How about what it’s like to become an upland bird hunter as an adult without friends or family providing easy opportunities to do so? Ashley can tell you all about both and she does just that on this episode of the podcast. We dive deep into how she was introduced not only to upland bird hunting but also to shotguns, bird dogs and pheasants! We break down piece-by-piece the barriers and challenges that stood in Ashley’s way as she describes in detail how she became an upland bird hunter.

Ashley Peters – Communications Manager for Audubon Minnesota
“Ashley Peters is Audubon Minnesota’s communications manager and she supports Audubon’s efforts by managing Web-based communications, media outreach, publication design, and various other conservation, policy, and fundraising projects.”

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Conserving and Restoring Natural Ecosystems – Audubon Minnesota
“Audubon Minnesota believes that what is good for birds is good for people, too, including healthy habitats, clean water, and clean air. We deliver conservation results by focusing on programs supported by science, education, and advocacy.”

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