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#148 | A Wingshooting Addiction with Josh and Leslie Moore

#148 | A Wingshooting Addiction with Josh and Leslie Moore

Josh and Leslie Moore

Two bird hunters at varying stages of their upland journey, Josh and Leslie Moore have a shared passion, a love of all things wingshooting and upland hunting

Co-hosts of the Wing Addiction Podcast, Josh and Leslie Moore join the show to share their passion and excitement for bird dogs, shotguns and upland hunting. As a lifelong bird hunter, Josh takes us back to better days of southeastern US grouse hunting in addition to highlighting a recent dog training trip he took to North Dakota. Leslie got a much later in life start to upland hunting but she’s dead set on making up for lost time and her passion for the pursuit is clear.

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast for lots of laughs and a fun conversation on all things upland hunting with Josh and Leslie Moore.

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