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#147 | Upland Beginnings to Upland Obsessed with Simon Tiedge

#147 | Upland Beginnings to Upland Obsessed with Simon Tiedge

Forging his own path into the uplands, Simon Tiedge shares how he got started and where he’s headed in the world of upland bird hunting

On the heels of his golden retriever, Simon Tiedge has spent the last 24 months immersing himself into the expansive world that is upland bird hunting. On the verge of his third hunting season, he’s added a Paint River Lewellin to the pack and has plans to make this season his best yet. From gun safety to wingshooting and upland habitat to bird dog training, Simon has had a lot of ground to cover both from a conceptual standpoint as well as actual boots on the ground. That said, the learning curve hasn’t slowed him down yet and based on the amount of fun he’s having so far, I doubt it ever will.

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn how Simon approached his start to upland bird hunting and the world of bird dogs.

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