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#143 | Upland Hunter Education and Training with Ruffed Grouse Society

#143 | Upland Hunter Education and Training with Ruffed Grouse Society

Ruffed Grouse Society members Tom McPherson and Tommy Launer

Hear how two Ruffed Grouse Society members have planned a day of upland hunter education and training for those looking to expand their knowledge of grouse and woodcock hunting.

Tom McPherson and Tommy Launer have at least two things in common. They love gun dogs and they love hunting ruffed grouse and American woodcock. While both are at varying stages of their upland hunting journey, they both have a desire to share their knowledge and pay it forward to others seeking guidance. Enter the Ruffed Grouse Society Future Hunters and Handlers Day aimed at providing upland hunter education and training to new hunters and bird dog handlers.

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Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn more about the Future Hunters and Handlers Day along with the stories of the two hunters behind it.

ATTEND | Future Hunters and Handlers Day
“Join us for an introduction to ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting and upland bird dog training we have a great day planned:

1. Grouse & Woodcock Habitat Identification
2. Puppy Training: Basic Training and What To Expect In The First Year
3. Raising Birds For Training
4. Advanced: Demonstrations, Questions & Answers for Experienced Dog Handlers

If you are a first generation hunter or a new bird dog owner who is looking to spend some quality time in the field, but feel as if this is a daunting task to get started, join us on June 26! Our goal is to create a network of hunters willing to take new dog owners and novice hunters under their wing.”

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*Attention | How to Use Permethrin on Clothing, Safely

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