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#100 | Celebrating the Project Upland Podcast Collective

#100 | Celebrating the Project Upland Podcast Collective

Nick Larson host of the Project Upland Podcast hunting sharp-tailed grouse

Celebrating 100 episodes of the Project Upland Podcast, we reflect on the 99 episodes that have made the podcast what it is today.

On this special edition of the Project Upland Podcast, we take some time to look back on the first 99 episodes of the podcast. We highlight ten segments from ten different episodes and pay tribute to the dynamic and diverse guests and topics we’ve covered so far.

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A special thank you goes out to all previous guests of the Project Upland Podcast, YOU have made it what it is today. And to all those that have listened, liked, rated, reviewed and shared… THANK YOU!

These are your stories.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast as we reflect on the 99 episodes that have brought us to episode 100.

Listen: One Year Anniversary Podcast, The Future of Project Upland and More – Project Upland Podcast Episode #44

Featured Episodes:
#28 | How to Be a Better Wingshooter with Keith Coyle
#29 | All About Grouse Dogs with Jerry Kolter of Northwoods Bird Dogs
#40 | The Last Frontier: Upland Hunting the Alaskan Interior with Jim McCann
#42 | Mapping and Hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock with Ann Jandernoa
#56 | Upland Hunting, Gathering and Cooking with Hank Shaw
#63 | Shotshell Technology and Development with Federal Ammunition
#65 | On Western Wings with Ben O. Williams
#75 | Shotguns, Gun Fit and Wingshooting with Del Whitman
#77 | World Class Wingshooting with David Radulovich
#91 | Modern Shotgun Manufacturing with Wes Lang and Giorgio Guerini of Caesar Guerini

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