#82 | Gun Dog Solutions with Dr. Jackson Walker – Project Upland Podcast

“[As a Veterinarian] When a hunting dog comes through the door though, something different happens to me. My heart skips a beat.”

Jackson Walker – Owner, Gun Dog Solutions

As owner and operator of Walker Animal Hospital, Dr. Jackson Walker clearly displays a passion for working with animals. In 2019, Jackson combined his veterinary experience with his passion for gun dogs in the launch of Gun Dog Solutions. Aimed at preparing hunters to better handle the medical needs of their dogs in the field, Gun Dog Solutions arms dog handlers with top quality supplies and basic training to cope with everything from daily wear and tear to emergency situations.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast as Jackson and I talk about the inspiration for Gun Dog Solutions and the products and services he intends to offer. We also break down what Jackson includes in his medical field kits and discuss common applications and best practices that every gun dog owner should know.

About | Gun Dog Solutions
“As the owner and operator of Walker Animal Hospital in Anderson, SC, Dr. Jackson Walker became interested in combining his knowledge of veterinary medicine with his passion for bird dogs and upland hunting. His goal was to optimize the efficiency of care for incidents in the field – making it a safer place for your working dogs. Drawing on inspiration from his family’s experience in the field, Dr. Walker created medical field kits to make it easier for the wingshooter to treat their dog on site in preparation for safe transport to a veterinarian for further care.”

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Last modified: November 13, 2019

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