#73 | Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse – Project Upland Podcast

“Get to know the habitat where sharptails exist here in Wisconsin because it’s very unique . . . this is about more than sharp-tailed grouse. These barrens habitats in Wisconsin are of global significance.” | Mark Witecha – Wisconsin DNR

Although the sharp-tailed grouse may not be the first grouse species that comes to mind when you envision northern Wisconsin, they are perhaps as symbolic of the area as the more commonly thought of ruffed grouse. The area referred to as the northwest sands territory in Wisconsin represents a habitat and ecosystem that helped to shape the landscape and species which inhabit it.

Joined by Mark Witecha (WI DNR), Bob Hansen (WI DNR) and Dan Eklund (USFS), we discuss this unique landscape, the iconic grouse species that still exists here, the sharp-tailed grouse, and their future.

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Last modified: August 16, 2019

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