#101 | D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing on Instagram Live

D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing joins us on Instagram live to answer your questions regarding shotgun fit, function, care and repair.

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Del Whitman of D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing joined us on Instagram live to catch up and answer viewer questions regarding their shotguns. We learn about color case hardening, bespoke pump guns and shotgun cleaning techniques. We also discuss loose ribs, vintage gun buying and commonly over-complicated concepts by shotgunners.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast to learn more about shotgun fit, function, care and repair from the upland gunsmith, Del Whitman.

About | D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing (From chrisbatha.com)
“Del spent three years at the Pine Technical College in their gunsmithing program — he then worked at Rigby for five years, honing his skills. He spent the next two years establishing the gunsmith shop at Fieldsport in Traverse City, Mich., before going on his own. D. C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing does custom repair and restoration, hot oil stock bending, stock alterations, stock refinishing, custom stock making, leather covered and rubber recoil pads.”

Facebook | D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing

Instagram | @upland_gunsmith

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Last modified: May 20, 2020

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