Project Upland – Hiring

Project Upland is on the hunt for professional and novice freelance writers, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and animators!

General Prerequisites

The prerequisites are not what you would think. We do not require any level of formal education. In fact in many cases, we do not seek to hire for classically trained skills. Part of the motivation behind this is to maintain free creative thought and an open mind to learning. We do, however, look for candidates with strong work ethics, motivation, and a true passion for outdoor adventure. All this in addition to a clean record and reputation of outdoor ethics and personality. Being a “seasoned” hunter is also NOT a prerequisite for these positions. What matter is a strong desire to be involved in the hunting field and conservation. Freelance contributions will be purchased in most cases with all rights to media, but can still be used on resumes. Note: we are NOT currently hiring.


We are looking for professional shooting instructors, gun dog trainers, biologists, and hunting outfitters to help contribute to our growing knowledge base of Gun Dog Confidential and Basic Uplander.

We are searching for content on the following subjects

Novice Writing – Gun Dog Confessions, First Learning in Gun Dog Training and Upland Hunting, Stories of Hurtles in the Upland Culture.

Expert Writing – Science (Breeds, Species, Habitat, Current Issues), Gun Dog Training, “How to” bird hunting, shooting skills, and shotguns.

Photography – We purchase upland related photos by the piece including the subjects of gun dogs, birds, upland hunting, and shotguns.

Filmmakers – Submit links to current film projects (they do not have to be public). Films do not have to be upland films just a strong indication of style and gear.

Artists – We are looking to purchase and commission upland art by the piece for digital articles and in some cases, print. We seek to establish a long-term relationship with various styles for regular contribution.

Animators – Yes, we need animators. Please forward to anyone you may know that has knowledge and skills in animation!


Please submit content to with examples of work, links to social media, and a biography. Photographers can submit links to content for sale as well as artists. Please note that due to the overwhelming amount of submissions, we will only reply to those whose work we are currently seeking.