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The history of hunting dogs is a complicated tapestry, delicately woven around the history of people, culture, and language. The future of hunting dogs is much the same: a reflection of the people who are dedicated to preserving and improving these incredible creatures that have shared our homes and our lives for centuries. They are icons of who we are, where we are going, and what we hope to achieve. Hunting Dog Confidential takes us on an endless journey through the history and culture of our dogs and, ultimately, ourselves.

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Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine - 1 Year Subscription (Biannual)

Starts with Fall 2021 Issue

$54.99 each / year

Issue 1.1 of Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine (Fall 2020)

Get Issue 1.1 of Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine the inaugural issue of this new publication! Offcial Print date is October 15th, 2020 

Project Upland Magazine - 1 Year Subscription (4 Total Issues)

Starts with Fall 2021 issue

V3N1 of Project Upland Magazine Spring 2021

Get Volume Three Issue One of Project Upland Magazine at newsstand price and experience the award-winning series in print!

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Hunting Dog Confidential is a semiannual, coffee-table-quality publication featuring the dogs that hunt alongside humans around the world in pursuit of waterfowl, upland birds, big game, and more. From retrievers to pointers, from tracking hounds to bear dogs, we will tell the stories of the mainstream and the obscure. The high-quality writing, photography, and artwork filling two hundred pages will take readers on a timeless, international journey. Our mission is to promote the hunting dog lifestyle to new demographics and to expand the knowledge of those already obsessed.

Published under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Craig Koshyk and Managing Editor Jennifer Wapenski, co-hosts of the HDC Podcast. They will be supported by the likes of Jake Terry of Endless Migration and the wide range of resources inside of Northwoods Collective, the parent company of Project Upland, to deliver a unique user experience in storytelling through words and images.

*Hunting Dog Confidential Magazine is subject to USPS Periodical Mailing Rules, therefore, your first issue can take up to 6 to 12 weeks to arrive. Subscribers will receive 2 issues of the biannual publication (April and October). All subscriptions are auto-renewal, you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us or logging into your account.


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