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“And the winner is…w/ Reels and Ridges | Upchukar Podcast Episode 85

“And the winner is…w/ Reels and Ridges | Upchukar Podcast Episode 85

The mystery winners of the chukar trophy

Looking at the winner of the “Chukar Trophy” from Jordon and Reed Tolotti

If you remember back to December, Jordan and Reed Tolotti joined the show. One of the unexpected things I learned was their brotherly competition each Chukar season, resulting in the winner being awarded the “Chukar Trophy”. If you grew up with siblings, or have a competitive streak you can surely relate.

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In this episode we dive deeper into their YouTube channel- Reels and Ridges, learn more about hunting with a deaf dog, hitting two birds with one shell, gear upgrades and as always much, much more.

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