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New Urban Hunter from New York City | #03 Morning Thunder Podcast

New Urban Hunter from New York City | #03 Morning Thunder Podcast

urban hunter Cliff Cadet practices archery in New York City for the coming turkey season in

From a dream to become a hunter, to a first turkey with a bow, we explore this emerging demographic of city dwelling hunters.

In this episode, Fred sits down with Cliff Cadet, host of, When the Hunt Calls, podcast, and the founder of Urban Archery NCY. Cliff is a native New Yorker growing up in Brooklyn and a life long admirer of classic literary archers. In this important and powerful episode, Cliff and Fred discuss the obstacles Cliff has had to overcome as a black man from the city as he pursues his hunting goals. What is is like to set up the logistics of the hunt when your ground isn’t close? What do you do for transportation out of the concrete jungle when your household has one family vehicle? What do you do with your meat if your home is in a high-rise? All of this plus, Cliff relives his first turkey hunt in New York State.

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