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#01 Morning Thunder Podcast | Greg Kretschmar of the Morning Buzz

#01 Morning Thunder Podcast | Greg Kretschmar of the Morning Buzz

Greg Kretschmar of the Morning Buzz on a turkey hunt.

First turkey hunt, charity, and the Morning Buzz in New Hampshire.

In Episode 1, Season 1 of the Morning Thunder podcast, I sit down with guest Greg Kretschmar, of the popular morning show, Greg and the Morning Buzz. Based out of New Hampshire, Greg has been in terrestrial radio for over 30 years. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys the resource behind the lens. 

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In this episode Greg recounts his very first Turkey hunt he shared with a listener on a mentored hunt. Greg and I discuss the beginnings of how the turkey hunt came to be a staple over the past five years of the Morning Buzz’s annual 2 day radio fundraiser, Lend A Helping Can. A fundraiser that occurs in mid November and raises funds to be distributed throughout 11 food agencies in NH. 

Other topics discussed, Greg’s upbringing in a hunting household, appreciation for the hunt at a more mature age, how to handle awkward interactions in the field and the safety variable that is paramount during such encounters. Thoughts on locally sourced food and even a few celebrities name drops of folks Greg has come to know over the years who are hunters. The big takeaway from this first episode of the MT podcast has to be that turkey hunting can be a great equalizer. Hunting and conservation are things we can find common ground on no matter where we come from, Greg and I discuss this timely thought.

Greg can be heard on 100.3 WHEB or Rock 101 Monday through Friday 5:30am-10 am, or can be streamed across the globe on iHeartRadio. Greg and the Morning Buzz also enjoy having a very successful post show-show, The Buzz 24/7 podcast which can be found on major podcasting platforms.

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