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Upland Hunting—A Cure for Modern Ailments

Upland Hunting—A Cure for Modern Ailments

Upland Hunting

4 Easy Upland Hunting Cures for 4 Common Modern Ailments

We live in a society that involves a full time commitment to a lot of things in order to be successful. From our families to competitive workplaces, there is no doubt that we live under a lot of stress. The result can be a lot of sleepless nights, crippling anxiety, and worry about tomorrow. Luckily, Mother Nature has a cure for us all. It’s called upland hunting. Of course, any serious problem might warrant professional attention. Yet in my case, upland hunting was enough.

Take a shot at sleepless nights with upland hunting

We have all suffered from restless night and sleepless trends. It can sometimes last for weeks or months. Despite how tired our body is, our overloaded mind keeps going, worrying about all the things wrong or all the things that can go wrong. I found myself in that body just this past year when I headed north to hunt ruffed grouse in the upper part of New Hampshire.

The first night I unpacked, I was hoping that the mountain air and beautiful view and calm environment would cure my sleepless nights. We ate dinner and went to bed, but I found myself laying there wide awake. I tried focusing on the sounds of nature just outside my window. And although I felt calm, it did not work.

The next morning, I trekked deep into uncharted territory to find some new coverts. I covered a lot of miles. When I got back to the cabin, I was exhausted from the physical activity. I slept like a baby that night and woke up feeling like a million dollars. Now whenever I suffer from sleeplessness, I remember this. Whenever you need a break from a bad run of sleepless nights, you can use nature as an outlet to wear yourself out.

Clear your mind with the hypnosis of the flush

Often there are too many thoughts going through our heads. No matter what we try, our brains remain filled with the poisons of modern anxieties. But instead of trying to not focus on your problems, see if you can focus on your problems during the thundering flush of a ruffed grouse. You will quickly find that it’s impossible.

The hunt consumes you from the moment the dog goes on point to when the bird unexpectedly breaks the silence with the boom of its wings. We get lost in the moment, a thing many of us do not do enough.

Hunt for today instead of worrying about tomorrow

Unlike more mainstream hunting sports such as deer hunting, upland hunting is something you can jump into and out of. Deer hunting, particularly big buck hunting can be a massive commitment. But with upland hunting, we can choose what our commitment level is with how much we put into our dogs, when we hunt, or where we hunt. Upland hunting does not depend on sitting in a tree stand day in and day out—with way too much time to think about all the things wrong in our lives.

The overall experience of upland hunting allows us to really unwind. This can be a very safe place from anxiety. At a minimum, it is a solid reduction of everyday anxiety. Submerging ourselves in the outdoor experience is a powerful experience. As Harry Rowell would say, “At least we had today.”

Take sessions with a free therapist, more commonly referred to as an upland hunting dog

Some talking is just about everything we need to cure the blues of modern society. A bird dog is a great listener (for the most part). In fact there is hard science out there to back up the idea that a dog reduces human stress. Spending a morning hunting with your best friend is sometimes all it takes for a good hard reset on life’s problems.

We all find ourselves ranting to our dogs. And they look back at us with all the love and affection needed. Love like that is something a well-paid therapist cannot replicate or feign. This in of itself is why so many bird hunters often say their top reason for hunting is the dogs.

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