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The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen

The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast Joins Project Upland Listen

Host of The Gun Dog Notebook Durrell Smith holding his English pointer puppy at a field trial.

Project Upland welcomes The Gun Dog Notebook as part of our network and community.

Listen to the inaugural Gun Dog Notebook podcast episode hijacked by Project Upland Podcast Host Nick Larson and Creative Director A.J. DeRosa as they interview Durrell Smith to cover his back story.

If there is one thing certain, it’s that true enthusiasm is contagious. It is exciting, it creates momentum and often creates change. Maybe change is a prerequisite for enthusiasm as one needs something to work towards, to aspire to, to want to love more. I felt that enthusiasm the first time I went on the Gun Dog Notebook Podcast. To say host Durrell Smith is passionate and enthusiastic is an understatement.

For those of us who have caught the gun dog bug, conversations are easily steered into that realm. We muse about dog training, critique breeds, and speak candidly about our failures with an eye toward being enthusiastic about specifics on how we can improve ourselves.

At some point I know I sound like a broken record about one personal goal I’ve always kept foremost with Project Upland: to leave the uplands better than we found them. That means making our community stronger, closer, and an integral part of the greater fabric of modern American culture. And even more ambitious than that, to leave our natural world better, more diverse, as part of our mutual coexistence with the environment. Our planet. Not to get too far off topic, but as an intelligent species we have a responsibility toward the future of species diversity and the suitability of that world to combat extinction on all levels, climate change, and to fight for our home — Earth.

The Gun Dog Notebook is not intrinsically a podcast about conservation, though just start a conversation on the state of bobwhite in the South and Durrell will certainly overflow with his enthusiasm. But as you might gather from the title, the podcast is about a journey into the world of gun dogs.

Maybe it’s more fitting to think of this as an ongoing “notebook,” a running journal of how we evolve as handlers, trainers, breeders and hunters. The thing about taking notes is that you can go back to review the valuable lessons learned to be applied to our future. A notebook can remind us where we have been, that we all had to start somewhere — something the greater industry often forgets. All too often, the industry at large exhibits little patience for the new journeys being embarked on daily, no room for candid confession or discussion of failures.

Durrell bridges this false reality in his podcast. Overcoming the “Super Dog Syndrome” that media has portrayed. I will be the first to take comfort and admit that my bird dog is no champion or rigid robot but just what I wanted, a half decent grouse dog. Nothing wrong with field trialing, professional training, or attention to detail after all, our realities are only the subject of the user, not for public opinion. A dog that is good enough to put birds on my table and give me unconditional love as part of our family is my pace. Maybe that’s misleading, since he is of good pedigree, but as my first bird dog he is certainly a product of my novice skills and failures. Or maybe I should say, his bad habits are a product of me and his good abilities the product of instincts.

Enough about my dog; this is about all our dogs. It is about our journey that Durrell will continue to capture from the day before picking up a puppy to the professions that keep the wheels on the community. A place to be candid, honest, and never afraid to question or explore. A place for us as community to ask questions, muse about all things dog and explore our expanding culture.

On a more selfish note, Project Upland is proud, honored, and downright enthusiastic to have The Gun Dog Notebook as part of our network — a sister to the Project Upland Podcast with Nick Larson, and another piece key to assembling the puzzle of leaving the uplands better than we found them.

Durrell is a valuable member of our community and we anticipate that his enthusiasm will continue to infect those around him.

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  • This is so great to hear! Once again, Project Upland has stepped out from the norm and added to its already diverse and amazing content yet another piece of the upland puzzle and bridge passionate like-minded individuals with the Project Upland philosophy in leaving the uplands better than we found them. I look forward to what the next page brings.

    • I have just read an article about Durrell Smith In Outdoor Life. Great article about a fine young man and his passion. Thank you.

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