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Project Upland, in our continued effort to serve our community in new and innovative ways while seeking to lower the barriers of entry into upland hunting, is pleased to announce PROJECTUPLAND.COM ON THE GO. In the opening of our motto, we proclaim that it is our desire “to expose the uplands to the world.” That cornerstone conviction continues as a guiding force as we attempt to push the envelope in the ways in which we deliver content. In order to make our content easier to access in more diverse ways, we have decided to create audio versions of our growing READ library of online written content. It is our hope that, by creating a new pathway to access the materials we produce, we strengthen our community and bring it closer together.

Beginning immediately, there will be two ways in which the audio versions of our articles can be consumed. They are now being published as a standalone podcast, PROJECTUPLAND.COM ON THE GO, which will be updated on a near-daily basis and is available on all podcast platforms. Alternatively, articles on will now carry an embedded audio file from SoundCloud that can be listened to from any internet browser. New articles will appear with this addition and we will be working diligently to add audio versions to our existing library, article by article.

We hope that this new format will increase the opportunity to listen, learn, and share the uplands with everyone. And we are ever grateful for our place in the community. 

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