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Fueled – A New Sporting Dog Podcast Hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo

Fueled – A New Sporting Dog Podcast Hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo

A.J. DeRosa with his bird dog Grim

Project Upland got a chance to hop on the new Fueled podcast hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo and presented by Eukanuba Sporting Dog.

If you’ve been following Project Upland you’ve probably heard us speak about Dr. Joe Spoo. In fact, you’ve most likely come across the @gundogdoc before we were chirping about it, maybe even seen him at seminars with some of the leading dog brands in the country. And more recently you have seen some of his work appearing in Project Upland to help expand the information and knowledge of sporting dog first aid and care.

Dr. Joe Spoo is a member of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ACVSMR) which is essentially a group of doctors dedicated to sporting dogs. It’s a world focused on expanding the knowledge, research, and advancement of those animals that push their limits as athletes.

Now Dr. Spoo has his own podcast! Presented by Eukanuba Sporting Dog, Fueled is everything sporting dog. His expertise brings to light new angles and ideas that a veterinary expert captures in everyday life. He’s a gun dog owner, bird hunter, and family man. He’s a great addition to the podcast landscape for the upland community.

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Dr. Spoo said, “Our hope with this podcast is to talk to the leading experts in the world about subjects near and dear to the hearts of sporting dog owners and bring them the best information possible about topics that affect their companions. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there that hasn’t been vetted by the scientific community. Our goal is to bring science and facts to the discussion in an informative and entertaining manner. Eukanuba was the perfect partner in this venture with their commitment to cutting edge research resulting in formulas designed specifically for athletic dogs. It’s also been the brand I have turned to for most of the last 20 plus years starting with my first sporting dog during veterinary school. They have helped raise my crew of canine athletes, and now with this partnership will help bring vital information to help others improve the health of their dogs.”

On Episode 4, I got a chance to hop on the podcast and talk about the founding of Project Upland, R3 in hunting (Recruit, Retain, Reactivate), including recent research we did in collaboration with Eukanuba Sporting Dog on the use of dogs to increase hunter numbers in North America. It’s an important part of the ongoing collaborative effort to help grow the upland community and expose it to mainstream culture in a positive light.

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Although this podcast is not part of coveted Project Upland Listen, we are stoked to see something come together of this caliber. You can be sure that the folks at Project Upland will be listening along with the community, discussing and learning new things relevant to our passion thanks to Dr. Joe Spoo. Head on over to wherever you bing your podcasts and rate, review, and subscribe. Also feel free to share you favorite episodes inside the Project Upland Community page.

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  • Have really enjoyed the podcast and hope they pick it back up and produce some more. The Craig Klein (Fischer Kennels) podcast was among my favorites and Craig and his dogs would make a great Project Upland article.

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