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The Gun Room Podcast explores the world of sporting firearms; the shotguns and rifles we use for target and sport. Each episode will highlight an individual in the firearms sphere, their history, and background, as well as touch on a specific gun or guns of interest that they are familiar with, were involved with the development, or have worked on. We hope you enjoy listening to the conversations as much as we enjoy having them. In the end, it is our goal to help maintain, curate, and document the immense body of knowledge surrounding the guns we love.

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A hunter carries the iconic Remington 870 pump shotgun
The Origin of the Remington 870 – #010 of the Gun Room Podcast

With a rich history of versatility and precision, there’s no doubt that the Remington 870…

An RFM gunsmith works on a side by side shotgun.
Dan LaFond and Upland Gun Company – #009 of the Gun Room Podcast

In a small pocket of Tennessee south of Nashville, Italian-made custom shotguns are imported to…

A vintage ad for the Remington 700 bolt action rifle.
The Remington 700 Overview – #008 of the Gun Room Podcast

From the P14 in World War 1 to post-World War 2 innovation, Remington’s development of…

A gun smith works on a custom built shotgun.
Steve Durren and Glenn Fewless discuss The American Custom Gunmakers Guild – #007 of the Gun Room Podcast

The President and Vice President of the ACGG talk their personal backgrounds, career paths, and…

A 1914 catalog order page for the Parker Trojan shotgun.
The Parker Brothers Trojan – #006 of the Gun Room Podcast

This old, reliable workhorse shotgun is synonymous with upland hunting … and forever will be…

A hunter carrying a Remington 870 pump shotgun in the field.
Art Wheaton and the Remington 870 – #005 of the Gun Room Podcast

Wheaton’s career took him all over the country, giving him perspective and passions not many…

A bird hunter carrying an A.H. Fox Sterlingworth while hunting.
The Venerable A.H. Fox Sterlingworth – #004 of the Gun Room Podcast

A side-by-side shotgun not originally held in high regard by the brand’s namesake, the Sterlingworth…

A Fox Sterlingworth side by side shotgun with the action broken open
Dan Rossiter and A.H. Fox Shotguns – #003 of the Gun Room Podcast

Join Dan Rossiter as he speaks on the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, being a small…

A Ruger 10/22 with woodstock and blued barrels
The Ruger 10/22 Overview – #002 of the Gun Room Podcast

Innovation in design coupled with efficiency in manufacturing gave rise to the affordable, reliable, and…

Guy Bignell of Griffin and Howe inspects a hammer shotgun.
Guy Bignell of Griffin and Howe – #001 of the Gun Room Podcast

Guy Bignell, former President of Griffin and Howe, one of the oldest gunsmithing and gunmaking…