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The Project Upland Podcast was created in September of 2017 by Nick Larson to help bring a new medium to the Project Upland brand. Since its launch, Nick has interviewed guests ranging from the everyday hunter to the industry professionals behind iconic upland brands. It has explored upland species, their habitat and the culture surrounding them across the entire North American landscape.

The Project Upland Podcast is Presented By: onX Hunt, Eukanuba Performance Dog Food, CZ USA, GarminSage & Braker and Dakota 283 Kennels

A.J. DeRosa, founder of Project Upland with his bird dog Grim
Northwoods Collective Co-Founder – A.J. DeRosa – Project Upland Podcast Episode #1

The Project Upland Podcast is officially launched! It’s official: hunting season has arrived. With it,…

Aaron Regier of Modern Wild our hunting woodcock.
Modern Wild and Project Upland on the Natural Born Hunter Podcast

Aaron Reiger of Modern Wild and A.J. DeRosa of Project Upland on the Natural Born…