Why Project Upland—Behind the Scenes

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A Behind-the-Scenes look at Project Upland

Project Upland was years in the making. Upland culture was well overdue for something like this. The passion of upland hunting, more often than not, is best expressed through a poetic rendition of the outdoor experience. This is a behind-the-scenes look at Project Upland.

“This is the beginning of a new generation of bird hunting films.” – Natural Born Hunter Podcast

In 2014, executive producer A.J. DeRosa set out to make a film about ruffed grouse hunting. It was a subject he had not revisited since his childhood. The result was the film Searching, a project held back for years by timing. It took a lot of decisions to take upland bird hunting videos to the next level.

In 2015, we set out to make the first run of Project Upland and this is the behind-the-scenes look of how it all came together.

“What separates Project Upland from a traditional hunting video is the cinematic experience DeRosa utilizes to capture all of the things that make grouse and woodcock hunting so special.” – Northwoods’R

Project Upland is a bird hunting videos initiative that promotes the future of upland bird hunting and the non-profit The Ruffed Grouse Society. The videos seek to capture the essence of the grouse woods and inspire a future generation of upland bird hunters.

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Why Project Upland—Behind the Scenes

  1. Aaron Seeman says:

    Watching the whole series on YouTube again. I need to know…in “Why Project Upland” what’s the main song that plays? So good…in fact, the whole soundtrack is awesome!

    Love the stuff guys. I haven’t been able to get enough since it all released!

    Thanks and keep it up!

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