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#24 | Wess Larabee – Western Wingshooting – Project Upland Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Project Upland Podcast, Wess Larabee joins the show to talk about Western wingshooting and planning upland hunting trips.

Wess lives with his family in New Castle, Wyo. His home is only his basecamp, however, as he regularly plans extended upland hunting trips throughout each fall that draw him to a range of wild places in pursuit of wild birds.

During today’s conversation, Wess and I talk about his upland hunting traditions, and Wess shares how he got started chasing roosters in South Dakota. We discuss his two bird dogs, a German wirehaired pointer and a German shorthaired pointer as well as plans for his next bird dog, a Ryman-type English setter. Wess also talks about the extended upland hunting trips on which he plans to hunt chukar, quail, grouse and just about any kind of upland game bird he can put his dogs on. Wess explores in some depth one of his favorite topics — planning trips — and shares his insights on the subject. He discusses how he chooses a location, finds huntable cover and offers some tips and hacks for the traveling upland bird hunter.

If you have questions about the places Wess has been or the birds he has hunted, please feel free to reach out to him. Facebook is the easiest way to reach him; you can find him at: https://www.facebook.com/wess.larabee

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Last modified: August 10, 2018

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