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On this week’s episode of the show Tyler Webster, upland hunter and host of the Birds, Booze and Buds podcast joins us to talk about upland hunting North Dakota as well as hosting his own podcast. Tyler has been upland hunting North Dakota for 25+ years and has a wealth of experience hunting the fields behind his English setters. He pursues just about anything and everything he can, but his true love is upland hunting. He hunts pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and his favorite bird, the Hungarian partridge. Tyler and I discuss some of his recent hunting trips, the first snowfall, and how his season has been. Furthermore, we talk about what he’s looking forward to this season.

Tyler hunts behind english setters and shares a rather incredible story of how he acquired his first setter and what transpired on their first hunt together. Tyler’s love of hunting, storytelling, and his friend Ron Boehme of the Hunting Dog Podcast ultimately influenced him to start his own podcast. Formerly known as the Western Wingshooter podcast, it’s now known as the Birds, Booze, and Buds podcast. Tyler shares with us why he started the podcast and what he plans to do on some future episodes.

I asked Tyler about his experience in the this field season and how his approach changes as the season transitions from early to mid to late. Tyler is also very open about his willingness to help out other upland hunters, whether they are seeking general info or more specifically about wingshooting North Dakota. Tyler claims he’s full of “useless information” but at the end of the day he has plenty to share and he’s happy to do so. We discuss the enjoyment we both get out of hosting podcasts and the interest we are receiving from a younger generation of upland hunters.

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