#111 | Talking Upland Taxidermy with Michael Pepi of Jonas Brothers Studios of New York

A conversation about upland bird taxidermy, field prep and care, bird dogs, upland hunting and more with Michael Pepi of Jonas Brothers Studios of New York.

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“If you’re ever down in Key West and you want to go check out [Ernest Hemignway’s] house, there are still mounts done by our company is his writing room.”

Michael Pepi – Jonas Brothers Studios of New York

Third generation taxidermist and upland bird hunter Michael Pepi joins the show to inform the listeners on upland bird taxidermy, bird dogs, upland hunting and more. Our conversation covers the important aspects of upland bird taxidermy that hunters should understand when it comes to preserving and protecting potential taxidermy prospects. From field care and prep, to shipping birds to your taxidermist we cover what you need to know.

Additionally, Michael is an avid upland bird hunter with his own string of English setters and a lab. He’s hunted numerous regions of the country, guided on preserves near his home and is currently prepping for his next series of adventures which involves a custom “bird van” outfitting.

Tune in to this episode of the Project Upland Podcast for an in-depth conversation on upland bird taxidermy and upland bird hunting.

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“Jonas Brothers Studios of New York has been leading the Taxidermy industry in Quality and Craftsmanship since 1908. Our century-old techniques and dedication to excellence, along with leading-edge technology, creates a piece of art that will last a lifetime in your room. We continue to perfect our craft while taking part in each and every one of our clients’ adventures – from arranging excursions to displaying their finished prize, as well as everything in between. Our unparalleled commitment to service has earned us a reputation of not only being world-class taxidermists, but also lifelong friends.”

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Last modified: August 27, 2020

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