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To Bring Our Community Closer – For Anthony Ferro

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It was my dream that Project Upland would help bring our community closer. That desire was not formed around the anticipation of tragedy, but rather the greater sharing of our passion. However, it has taken tragedy for us to see how powerful the upland hunting community truly is.

For many of you, you already know Anthony Ferro. He is loud, passionate, and, like all good people, connected to his dogs in a way we all struggle to put to words. This week marks a tragedy for Anthony that I know many of us can not even imagine. Not only the loss of everything in a fire, but the loss of his dog, Radar, while his other dog, Gnarli, is fighting for his life. (Update: As of 12-6-18 Gnarli is no longer with us, please keep your thoughts and prayers with Anthony and his dogs).

We often turn to our dogs in difficult times as a lighthouse in stormy waters. But what happens when disaster comes all at once and there is no bird dog looking back at you with unconditional love? That dynamic of upland culture is something never understood until one owns a bird dog. The bond that is built with endless hours of training, hunting, and home life is indescribable.

Project Upland has a long history with Anthony considering how young our brand is. He, along with his dogs, were subject in the film “Revel in the First” and appeared on the front cover of Issue Zero of Project Upland Magazine. He has written for us and he has shouted our cause to the community. It is our turn to do the same.

The upland community has a big heart — whether or not Project Upland had ever existed — but we feel it is necessary now to use the reach of our brand to support that most core part of Anthony’s life so that those that wish to can show how close the upland community can be.

There are multiple GoFundMe campaigns already in action only hours after the incident. All of these have been started by people inside the community and that testifies to how close we all have become. So many have given already without hesitation and have even reached out to Anthony in support and prayer. We urge anyone who is in a place to give — no matter how much or little it is — to help Anthony in this dark chapter of his life.

For Anthony, the community is here. No matter how bleak this moment is, you are not walking alone. You will get through this and you will never forget the memories that you made with your sweet dog. We are so thankful to have been there to capture a fraction of them. We have had countless people and brands reach out to us about this tragedy, asking us to rally behind you. These people, those brands, they are our community. We are all here for you.

Faith in a Gun Dog – Revel in the First – A Prayer by Anthony Ferro

“We kneel to you, Father, in thanks for another day,

As it’s by your will I’m here for more birds need lay.

May the breeze be steady and our companion’s nose be true,

May the scent cones be large and the coveys full brood.

Father, I pray my shot be straight upon the opportunity of harvest,

As we hunt public land for this quarry we’ve traveled the farthest.

May my body hold up to the task at hand,

And my intuition be that of a simple man.

For these dogs are servants gifted upon your grace,

The grin we share in your glory not waste.

We pray that you humble us with your works of art,

As nature is by far the beat to our heart.

Tried and true our pointers obey,

In God’s glory we pray for a limit today.”

Last modified: July 31, 2019

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To Bring Our Community Closer – For Anthony Ferro

  1. Homer says:

    I hope he has a quick recovery. In my profession I see this first hand over and over and it’s never easy seeing the destruction a fire causes. Get better brother!

  2. James Harter says:

    I’m not normally a go fund me kinda guy… but I have posted this to the Facebook group I started a few years ago. Hopefully those up us at Eastern Washington Upland Bird Hunters can help ease the hardships he’s going through.

  3. Pam Ferro says:

    As Anthony’s Mom, I can never thank you enough for this article, and your support of Anthony. I know he is eternally grateful as am I.
    John 13:34-35
    34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

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