onX Hunt becomes Title Sponsor of our Podcasts

onX Hunt is the new title sponsor of the Project Upland Podcast, The Gun Dog Notebook, and the Endless Migration Podcast.

We are pleased to welcome onX Hunt as the Title Sponsor of our growing stable of podcasts. Using the most up-to-date maps and GPS technology and placing them in the palm of your hand, onX gives outdoor enthusiasts more information about their surroundings than they ever thought possible.  It is our passion to bring our podcast audiences both inspiration and education so that our collective hunting experiences are as epic as they can be.  In pursuit of that overlapping motivation, the Project Upland Podcast, The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast, and the Endless Migration Podcast will now be officially “Presented by onX.” 

The editorial vision of our podcasts will remain intact and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the listener experience while simultaneously servicing the advertisers that keep the lights on. With that as our goal, each podcast will now feature a segment on using onX’s vast array of features to enhance and improve your days in the field and in the blind. We’re all personally passionate onX-users and are thrilled to share our love of and tips for utilizing the app. We hope to learn a few things ourselves as well! We promise that these tips and tactics will genuinely help you become a better hunter so you’ll definitely want to steer clear of your “Skip 30s” button.

Join us in welcoming onX Hunt to our podcast community and if you haven’t checked out their app, you can sign up for the free version to get a taste of how it might just change your hunting life. https://www.onxmaps.com/

To learn more about using OnX Hunt for bird hunting check out: Bird Hunting App Series – onX Hunt

You can also catch Matt Seidel, Product Owner of onX Hunt, on a past Project Upland Podcast talking the ins and outs of the practical use of the app in hunting: Matt Seidel – Product Owner at onX Hunt – Project Upland Podcast

And last but not least, catch a trip we took this past season with some of the folks at onX Hunt for sage grouse in Montana in the film Fourth Generation

Last modified: July 31, 2019

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